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Web Hosting

Level 3 - $34.95 per month

Level 3 Features:

  • A total of 300 GB of disk space for your html documents & graphics.
  • Ten individual web sites within your storage space with no additional monthly fees.
  • Virtual Email Server with Each Domain Name.
  • Individual FTP and HTTP access to each additional domain.
  • Unlimited Pointing Domains.
  • Additional Clusters can be purchased at $34.95 per month.
  • A total of 3000 MB of data transfer per month
  • Up to 30 email accounts.
PLUS all of the features of Level 1 and Level 2, including:
  • Support for custom CGI scripts via your own cgi-bin directory
  • $20.00 per year domain name registration (
  • Unlimited email address forwarding
  • Detailed web usage statistics
  • Unlimited updates via your own FTP account
  • Availability of SSL for credit card processing
  • High speed connection to the Internet
  • Additional stand alone websites within your storage space for only $5.00 per month
  • Redundant, Fault Tolerant Hard Drives(RAID)

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